EPISODE 137- Sophie von Haselberg & Ariana Venturi

Having A Night is a podcast dedicated to reviving the lost art of the dinner party. Sophie von Haselberg and Ariana Venturi are obsessed with both the micro and the macro of the all-important question: how to throw the absolute, supreme, no holds barred, remember-it-forever-unless-you-were-too-drunk dinner party.

Ilana sat down with Sophie and Ari for this crossover podcast event.

Having A Night will also air this conversation on their podcast platform.

Sophie is a bonafide produce fiend. When she’s not dreaming about fennel or a great head of lettuce, she acts in stuff. Some stuff includes the ultra-creepy American Crime Story: Versace, Equity, House of Cards, and Woody Allen’s Irrational Man. She is extremely psyched about the upcoming American Princess, in which she runs the pork-pocket booth at a Renaissance Faire. (what typecasting!) She also produces her own work, including the short YOYO (Tribeca Film Fest). She spent seven years in the great pizza city of New Haven, as an undergraduate of Yale College and then a world-weary grad student at Yale Drama School.

Ari has originated roles across the country, including Higgy in Rolin Jones and Billie Joe Armstrong’s These Paper Bullets! at the Atlantic Theater Company in NYC and the Geffen Playhouse in LA.  She returned to her hometown of Chicago for the world premiere of Tracy Letts’ Mary Page Marlowe at Steppenwolf Theatre Company. While offstage there, she ate hotdogs. Along with Sophie, she is a member of a certain band of hooligans parading as the multi-media production company New Neighborhood.  She recurs as Alya Feinberg in season two of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Little Known Fact- after this conversation Ilana has hosted many dinner parties and enjoyed them!

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